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DVD Cutter Plus 1.0

A useful free tool to split big DVD video files without any re-encoding
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DVDCutter Plus is a very useful free tool to split big DVD video files into smaller ones. This application opens any VOB file and allows you to select the fragment of your choice. There is no re-encoding involved in the cutting process, so the resulting output file will have the same DVD quality as the original.

You just need to open a VIDEO_TS folder and select a VOB file. The program allows you to preview the original video and select the starting and end points while playing, or by providing the exact times in minutes and seconds. While watching the selected video, you can change any of the cutting points at any time, and ask DVDCutter Plus to play only the section to be cut. The fragment selected will be saved in the folder of your choice in VOB format, ready to be used by any DVD authoring tool to create your own DVD.

You can use DVDCutter Plus to open and watch files in other video formats (like AVI, WMV or MPEG), though the cutting functionality only supports original VOB files. This application supports the Windows Essentials Media Codec Pack (a link to download this pack is available from the program itself), allowing you to play almost any known video format.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Simplicity of use


  • Lack of support for full DVDs - VOB files need to be loaded individually
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